Bodynamic is a sophisticated and extensively researched, scientific approach that details how specific muscles are imprinted in childhood development, and how they affect our psychological skills in adult life.

This in-depth model speaks to the complexity of the individual and how individuals develop, in relation to one another.

By working with the body in addressing developmental trauma, a practitioner is able to give clients a felt sense of embodied transformation that carries through into the rest of their lives.

You can only change when you learn to love and respect your defences. They have protected you your whole life, and now it’s time to learn more ways to be in contact with others in dignity and mutual connections.
- Lisbeth Marcher
She is the founder of the Bodynamic System and of Bodynamic International in collaboration with various colleagues. Formerly director of the Bodynamic System, Lisbeth is currently the international supervisor for all educational issues. She is also a former president of EABP.

Lisbeth has presented her work and taught internationally since the 1970′s. One of her main contributions to the Bodynamic System is the recognition of the hyporesponsive reaction in peoples’ way of being, and how this behavior is represented in the muscles in the body. She developed this recognition into a Bodymap and a Character Structure system that could be taught to people. During the late 1980′s she was part of developing the Bodynamic approach to resolving shock-trauma.

Today Lisbeth is part of the Bodynamic international teaching team, and travels to Greece, Brazil, Germany, Holland and Denmark.
  • Jenny Jacob Gandhi

    Bodynamic Foundation Course has been a novel pathway to connect with the 'inner me'. It provides an interesting peek into an understanding of muscles, character structures and has enabled me to pique my curiosity with my body in a dynamic way. The experiential exercises that were incorporated in the course on mutual connection and dignity, boundaries... and parent-child dyad taught me to look at developmental trauma and attachment at a deeper muscular level. Truly the beginning of forging a robust connection with the body! Would definitely recommend this to all.

  • Bhuvaneshwari L

    The somatic psychotherapy training from Bodynamics has helped me immensely while working with clients with CPTSD. The movement and activation of appropriate muscles along with the apt affirmations during sessions and then practice of the same between sessions, supports the clients to move through long standing trauma stemming from how the person was met during their ... development. This training gave me many insights about myself and has helped a great deal in my personal growth. I practise certain exercises regularly to enhance my ability to be with whatever is happening around me without getting overwhelmed.

  • Rajni Divya Kumar

    Bodynamics was a great training for me to do after Somatic Experiencing. This is because it addresses developmental issues in a systematic and structured manner. This is not the main focus of SE and developmental trauma is something I encounter with most of my clients. Another reason is Bodynamics uses the felt sense, which is foundational to the practice of SE. Bodynamics was transformational for me because... it enabled an embodied understanding of my own challenges as an adult, from the patterns of how my needs were met or not met at different developmental stages of my childhood. This understanding was both cognitive and experiential.  The amazing thing about bodynamics is that the founders were able to correlate patterns of muscle tension and collapse that are associated with specific patterns of inadequately met needs in different ages of childhood. And they have developed remarkable exercises that impact one's psychology, creating resilience and greater capacity for well being and making effective choices.

  • Deepti Singhal

    Bodynamics is giving me a new, very well-defined format to look at the mind-body connection. Even though my exposure right now has been limited to the foundation course, a few workshops and my experience with it in my personal therapy, I am floored by its depth and detail and look forward to learning more. The underlying theory is extensive yet very usable and effective even for ... an introductory learner. For example, I have found the exercises for grounding, centring and defining boundaries very effective for myself as well as my clients. The fact that these are physical movements which allow a change in the psychological stance makes them relatable as well as efficient. I would highly recommend this training for everyone open to understanding the mind-body connection, for mental health professionals especially so. I realise Bodynamics is not as hyped as other body-based modalities, but personally, I feel it is one of the most powerful ones, not only for trauma healing but also in the wellness space.

  • Dr. Ian Macnaughton
    RCC Psychotherapist, Bodynamic Analyst, Author Body, Breath, and Consciousness

    Bodynamic Training is the premier program for developing knowledge and skill in Developmental Psychology. Offering grounded theory, and practical healing protocols with precision and heart, bringing the human spirit alive in a fuller embodied way-the precision of understanding with spirit, heart, and body. My ... training has made fundamental support for my life and psychotherapy practice.

    RCC Psychotherapist, Bodynamic Analyst, Author Body, Breath, and Consciousness
  • Bodynamic Somatic Developmental Psychology is probably the most body-oriented and comprehensive developmental psychology and character structure model there is. Therefore, I highly recommend the Biodynamic foundation level training as a must to all those who are serious about being a body-oriented therapist.
    Raja Selvam
    PhD, Senior Trainer of Somatic Experiencing, Developer of Integral Somatic Psychology
  • Jaya Aiyappa
    Psychotherapist & Sexuality Educator

    I am completing the one-year Bodynamics Foundation course this weekend. The course has helped me get insights into my own life as well as helped me in my practice as a therapist. I had not realised how important body work is till now. It has been an experiential learning for me.