Bodynamic is a sophisticated and extensively researched, scientific approach that details how specific muscles are imprinted in childhood development, and how they affect our psychological skills in adult life.

This in-depth model speaks to the complexity of the individual and how individuals develop, in relation to one another.

By working with the body in addressing developmental trauma, a practitioner is able to give clients a felt sense of embodied transformation that carries through into the rest of their lives.

You can only change when you learn to love and respect your defences. They have protected you your whole life, and now it’s time to learn more ways to be in contact with others in dignity and mutual connections.
- Lisbeth Marcher
She is the founder of the Bodynamic System and of Bodynamic International in collaboration with various colleagues. Formerly director of the Bodynamic System, Lisbeth is currently the international supervisor for all educational issues. She is also a former president of EABP.

Lisbeth has presented her work and taught internationally since the 1970′s. One of her main contributions to the Bodynamic System is the recognition of the hyporesponsive reaction in peoples’ way of being, and how this behavior is represented in the muscles in the body. She developed this recognition into a Bodymap and a Character Structure system that could be taught to people. During the late 1980′s she was part of developing the Bodynamic approach to resolving shock-trauma.

Today Lisbeth is part of the Bodynamic international teaching team, and travels to Greece, Brazil, Germany, Holland and Denmark.