The Healing Circle is a space of integrity where you can train in pioneering, body based, trauma-informed therapeutic interventions, held by a support network that spans the globe. We support individuals and professionals in embodying a deeper connection to the pulsating rhythm of life.

We believe in safeguarding the integrity of the individual and the healing process. Our offerings are carefully selected, representing the most niche, comprehensive, and effective therapeutic modalities used worldwide. We are the only organization in India to offer training in Somatic Experiencing and Bodynamic Somatic Psychology and Analysis System.
With The Healing Circle, you can trust our
Experience a safe and supportive container for learning and healing, held with dignity and respect
Access high caliber, internationally approved trainings in trauma-informed, body-oriented therapies
Engage with qualified, compassionate faculty members, assistants, and colleagues in India and across the world
The Healing Circle offers globally recognized training in ground-breaking therapeutic practices. These practices are rooted within the body, allowing us to fully integrate and experience an embodied resilience.

Through her personal experiences and professional training, founder Rashmi Ajay came to realize that there was a lacuna within professional training programs when it came to understanding trauma and its effect on the human being. This inspired her to partner with pioneering institutions in the field of trauma resolution, to make these practices available in India.

The Healing Circle focuses on body psychotherapy modalities that respect the integrity of the individual, and provide both the client and practitioner valuable resources to understand and support the process of healing. The programs offered are experiential; giving the practitioner a “felt sense” of the process, thus enabling them to better support their clients’ journeys. Most importantly, they create fundamental shifts within individuals that resonate outwards into society.
It is the experience of being in connection that fulfills the longing we have to feel fully alive
- Aline LaPierre and Laurence Heller
Rashmi Ajay, Founder
“The Healing Circle speaks to me of the journey of the being - the mind, body, and spirit that heals. It is, in a way, an evolution that happens. To me, The Healing Circle is also the people who come together, supporting each other in connection, to achieve a wellness of being.”

Rashmi Ajay is a pioneer in bringing leading edge international certification Somatic (body therapy) work to India. She is a holistic health professional with 12+ years of experience, working in the areas of individual well-being, addressing all the key aspects of body, mind, and spirit.

Rashmi has trained and studied in many allied fields. Her main area of focus in the last 7 years has been in the area of developmental trauma using Somatic Experiencing®, Bodynamic, Continuum, CranioSacral Biodynamic, and psychotherapy.

A compassionate and sensitive practitioner, Rashmi’s work has served to provide resources and promote resilience within the individual and the community at large.
Rashmi Ajay, Founder